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Tools. Not Toys. (15 Seconds)

15 Second Commercial: Tools. Not Toys. – Streamlight makes flashlights that give you the light you need where you need it. Enduro, Stylus Pro, Stinger LED HP, Survivor LED, HID LiteBox, TLR Series

Streamlight® — To The Moon (15 Seconds)

15 Second Commercial: Streamlight - To The Moon Stinger HPL spotlighted

Stinger® LED Series

Overview of Stinger® LED, Stinger® LED HPL, Stinger® LED HL™.

Stinger LED/Stinger DS LED

Stinger LED/Stinger DS LED

WayPoint® featuring Jackie Bushman

Jackie Bushman stays safe and lights the way with the WayPoint®.


Michael Bane and Bobby Knight discuss the Waypoint a hand-held, pistol grip spotlight and its benefits.



Trident® HAZ-LO® Headlamp

Trident HAZ-LO is demonstrated

Tools. Not Toys.

From compact lights to full-size, area lights to tactical, Streamlight makes flashlights for whatever you need, whenever you need it.



TLR-1® Game Spotter™

Drop Zone’s Hal Shaffer discusses the advantages of the TLR-1 GAMESPOTTER.

The Siege® featuring Jackie Bushman

Jackie Bushman discusses the Siege

The Siege® — Reviewed by Field & Stream and Outdoor Life at SHOT Show 2013

The Siege® — Reviewed by Field & Stream and Outdoor Life at SHOT Show 2013

The Siege® — How It Works

The Siege® — How It Works

The Right Tools

Drop Zone's Greg Zipadelli and Hal Shaffer know you need to have the right tools for the job, whether you're in the garage or in the woods. Greg is working under the hood with the Knucklehead®, and Hal discusses the TLR-1® Game Spotter™.

TEN-TAP® Programming

TEN-TAP® programs are demonstrated using the ProTac HL®

Tactical Gun Mount Lights: TLR Series

Our TLR® Tactical Rail Lights offer quick, easy and safe attachment to most handguns with rails. This compact light provides blinding brightness, long range beam, and plenty of peripheral light. Several models offer Strobe and Integrated Laser Light to guide your aim. With 9 available models, you're sure to find a TLR to fit your gun size and application.


New low-profile Survivor is demonstrated


Super Tac

Stylus Pro® USB

Stylus Pro USB is demonstrated

Strion® LED Series

Overview of Strion® LED, Strion® LED HPL, Strion® LED HL™.

Strion® LED featuring Jackie Bushman

Jackie Bushman relies on his Strion® LED to make each hunting trip safe and successful.

Strion LED

Strion LED

Streamlight. Wherever. Whenever.

Watch our latest Siege® Lantern commercial.

Streamlight® TLR Series

Streamlight® — Wildest Dreams

As Drop Zone's Hal and Greg know, Streamlight flashlights are as tough as you are in your wildest dreams, and we have the right light for any task.

Streamlight® — The Automotive Light Kit

You never know when you're going to need a really good light, either for your garage or in your vehicle. Lights featured in this video: -Knucklehead® -Stylus Pro® USB -Double Clutch™ USB Headlamp

Streamlight® — Survivor®

Streamlight® — Rescue (15 Seconds)

15 Second Commercial: Rescue – People depend on their flashlights and for some those lights are even more critical. Survivor LED, TLR series, Sidewinder Compact.

Streamlight® — Rescue

People depend on their flashlights and for some those lights are even more critical. Survivor LED, TLR series, Sidewinder Compact.

Streamlight® — Not A Test (15 Seconds)

15 Second Commercial: Not A Test Weapons mounted light testing video, TLR-2® G featured.

Streamlight® — Not A Test

You may never have to use your light in extreme temperatures, but we put our weapons-mounted lights through the toughest tests in the industry for extra peace of mind.

Streamlight® — Lighting the Way

Three decades ago, Streamlight® created its first 5 million candela flashlight for the space program. Today, Streamlight is still lighting the way for superior quality, performance and innovation.

Streamlight® — Generations (15 Seconds)

15 Second Commercial: Generations Video – Streamlight is dependable and durable. Fathers pass their lights down to their sons to keep the Streamlight tradition going.

Streamlight® — Generations

Streamlight® is dependable and durable. Fathers pass their lights down to their sons to keep the Streamlight tradition going

Streamlight® — Built Tough

Michael Bane and Bobby Knight discuss how you can depend on Streamlight in critical situations

Streamlight® — Big Guys, Big Lights

Sometimes, big guys need big lights for the job!

Streamlight® — Be Prepared (15 Seconds)

15 Second Commercial: Be Prepared - Storm season commercial: Siege lantern, PolyTac, Knucklehead, & Enduro featured

Streamlight® — Be Prepared

You never know when a power failure could leave you in the dark. Prepare for the upcoming storm season with a Streamlight.

Streamlight Emergency Light Kit

Streamlight Adventures

Streamlight is there for all the adventures that won't wait for day break!

Stinger® Innovations

Stinger® Classic, PolyStinger® LED HAZ-LO®, & PolyStinger® LED



Siege® AA featuring Jackie Bushman

Sidewinder® Rescue: Where to Buy

Sidewinder® Rescue: Batteries and Modes of Operation

Sidewinder® Rescue: Applications

Sidewinder® Rescue: Lanyard Accessory Usage

Sidewinder Compact® II Training Video

Kevin Hayes reviews the features of the Sidewinder Compact II

Sidewinder Compact :: Military Applications

Sidewinder Compact :: Military Applications



Septor® HAZ-LO® Headlamp

Septor HAZ-LO is demonstrated

ProTac® 2AAA

Michael Bane and Bobby Knight review the ProTac 2AAA.

ProTac HL® Headlamp

ProTac HL® Headlamp

Portable Scene Light Ad

Portable Scene Light - Now 5,300 Lumens!

PolyTac 90® LED

This versatile right angle compact tactical flashlight can clip onto a turn-out gear, ACH or onto our new elastic head strap for a headlamp. It's super bright, can be operated easily with gloves and is encased in a virtually indestructible nylon polymer housing.



NightFighter® X

The NightFighter® X is the brightest light in the ultra-light NightFighter® series with added function of a strobe mode.

Lumens and Candela: Explained

Michael Bane and Bobby Knight explain lumens and candela.

Long Gun Rail Mount Systems

Michael Bane and Bobby Knight discuss the TLR-1 HP, long-distance lighting and mounting on long guns. They also discuss mounting hand-held lights to long guns.

Live Fire Testing with Gun Mounted Lights

Brett Marquardt and Charlie Craft demonstrate TLR product testing in Streamlight’s shooting range.



Lights for the Great Outdoors featuring Jackie Bushman

Jackie Bushman shares his favorite Streamlight products for outdoor adventures. Waypoint, Buckmasters Trident, Buckmasters PackMate, Buckmasters TT-2L, 4AA ProPolymer LED, PolyTac LED.

Knucklehead® Spot

The far-reaching beam of the Knucklehead® Spot can help you locate hazards or victims from a distance

Knucklehead® Series

6 Knucklehead® lights, including Knucklehead HAZ-LO

Knucklehead® and Stinger® LED

Advertisement where Knucklehead and Stinger LED are spotlighted



Jackie Bushman — Are You Afraid Of The Dark

Jackie Bushman shows you how he "Lights Up The Night" with Streamlight! The two lights featured in the video are the Buckmasters® Trident® Camo and the ProTac® 2AA.

Illuminate. Navigate. Dominate.

From SWAT to firefighting, tactical lights from Streamlight® let you get the job done right. Sidewinder ,Sidewinder Compact, Strion LED, TLR-1, TLR-2, TL-2 LED, Vantage, Fire Vuclan LED, Survivor LED, HID LiteBox

HP LED Series

DropZone's Hal Shaffer & Greg Zipadelli don't always see eye to eye, but the one thing they do agree on is the power of Streamlight's HP (High Performance) LED lights.

How To Mount A TLR To Your Weapon

Michael Bane and Bobby Knight demonstrate how to mount a Streamlight TLR to a gun.

HL™ Series: ProTac HL®

Special jobs need special tools, and Streamlight's HL™ series provides blinding high lumen output for maximum illumination.

HL™ Series: ProTac HL® (15 Seconds)

15 Second Commercial: Tactical Lights_ProTac HL – ProTac HL spotlighted

Headlamp Series Upgrade

Upgrades of 3 headlamps: Septor LED, Argo LED and Trident LED.

HAZ-LO® Series Overview

HAZ-LO® Series Overview

HAZ-LO® Headlamps

Argo, Septor and Trident HAZ-LO headlamps are demonstrated

Hand Held vs Gun Mounted Lights

Michael Bane discusses carrying a secondary hand-held light along with having a gun-mounted light.

Hand Held Tactical Lights

Michael Bane and Bobby Knight discuss carrying a flashlight along with your concealed weapon and options to think about when making your choice for a tactical light. Products reviewed: Super Tac X, ProTac 1L, ProTac 2L, ProTac 1AA, ProTac 2AA, NightFighter LED, Scorpion X.

Hand Held Rechargeables — Strion® LED

Michael Bane and Bobby Knight discuss the rechargeable benefits of the compact Strion® LED for law enforcement and home use

Green LED Hunting Lights featuring Jackie Bushman

Jackie Bushman describes how Steamlight's green LED lights are the best for your hunt. Stylus, ClipMate, Buckmasters Twin-Task 2L, Buckmasters Trident headlamp.



Fire Vulcan LED

Fire Vulcan LED

Fire Vulcan

Fire Vulcan

Double Clutch™ USB Headlamp

Double Clutch USB is demonstrated

ClipMate® USB

ClipMate USB is demonstrated

Camping & Hunting Lights featuring Jackie Bushman

Jackie Bushman counts on Streamlight for all of his camping and hunting lights. Strion LED HP, Strion LED, Buckmasters Triident, Buckmasters PackMate, PolyTac LED, 4AA ProPolymer LED, Waypoint.

Beam Pattern Video

Explains the three key beam patterns and their differences

Argo® HAZ-LO® Headlamp

Argo HAZ-LO is demonstrated

3N ProPolymer

3N ProPolymer

3AA ProPolymer® Dualie®

See what's ahead of you and right in front of your feet with the 3AA ProPolymer Dualie. Its bright light, which shines both ahead of you and downward, helps you avoid slips, trips and falls.

2AA ProPolymer® HAZ-LO®

2AA ProPolymer HAZ-LO is demonstrated

Super Siege® with Jackie Bushman

The Siege® family just got brighter! Jackie Bushman lights the way with his new Super Siege® lantern. The rechargeable, 1,100 lumen Super Siege® provides an auxiliary USB power source to charge mobile devices or other Streamlight products. The 8800mAH lithium ion battery capacity gives up to 4 full charges for most smartphones.

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